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Your comfort is our comfort!

Your comfort is our comfort!

We, Sunny Insurance, will find you the best insurance plan for your individual need. Moreover, we will check at no cost to you if your premium is low enough and if your coverage is good enough to cover your current exposure. Our job is to make you comfortable about insurance


Modern businesses face serious challenges and threats from all different aspects. Anybody related to your business can cause a serious threat. It can come from one of your employees, your business counterparts, your suppliers and vendors as well as your customers. In other words, it is getting more difficult to survive without adequate insurance plan. That’s why you need SUNNY Insurance. Our job is to find you a perfectly customized insurance plan for your specific need. To achieve the goal, we will relentlessly search all the insurance companies. We will not stop until we find you the best insurance plan with the lowest premium possible and the best coverage available. We will protect your valuable business from unexpected accidents within the authority we are given. Our strong expertise and experience in commercial insurance make it possible.



Workers Compensation coverage may be mandatory under your State statutes.

Regardless of the employer’s negligence, the insurer compensates for hospital treatment, temporary and permanent disabilities, bereaved families, and rehabilitation costs for business-related accidents



Have you thought about your family’s future after you die?
Life Insurance is obligation to your family. We find major life insurance company with proper plans to fit just for your financial budget.

Health insurance is to ensure and protect your family‘s illness, injury, diagnosis, treatment and promotion of health. Health insurance companies provide lots of new benefits to new or existing customers from time to time.

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